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  PTA / PTSA / PTO / PTSO Marketing Materials  

The following flyers can be linked to directly or downloaded for your use. To link directly click on your schools flyer below. In the URL box you will see the website address path. That will be the address you will link to. Copy and paste it into your newsletter or website.
To download a copy, click on your schools flyer below. It will open the PDF that can then be saved by clicking the disc in the upper left hand corner. Then you can attach to your emails or use it in your website.

  Ways to promote the Workshops without spending any money!  





Whenever there’s a large gathering of parents, (PTSA/PTSO meeting, AP night, etc.), if we’re given 2-3 minutes to speak, we will set up a table and take registrations or answer questions.
Weekly e-mail blasts from the school to those on the school’s mailing list.*
Weekly e-mail blasts from the PTSA/PTSO to those on the PTSA/PTSO’s mailing list.*
Leave a stack of AAW postcards in the attendance office.  Contact us to send you more if you run out.
Four dedicated e-mail blasts to the parents, speaking SOLELY about the Workshops*.
No later than four weeks prior to the event, have someone hand out AAW postcards to the parents who come to pick up their kids.*
In your weekly e-mails, include a link to one of the exciting videos on our website!
Invite the media to attend/cover your event. (We will provide contact information for you.)
Place a blurb on the Workshops in, or attached a flyer with, the information sent home on School Parking.
Partner with your school’s sub-groups (Marching band, Football team, LaCrosse team, Math Club, etc.) and have them send the flyer out to their members.
Automated voice-mail message, which we will happily record for you.
Put the event information on your marquee.
Put Accident Avoidance Workshops information on the maps, forms or other paperwork you hand out to parents when they come to attend the open houses.
Invite us to man your concession booth or set up a table at your school’s events.
Volunteers can refer parents waiting in their cars to pick up their students to visit the website.
Have your school newspaper write an article.
Have your technology department create their own video interview to air during the morning announcements.
Have a business/marketing teacher take on the promotion of the Workshops as a class project.
Extend the invitation through your personal network (relatives, colleagues, neighbors, etc.)
Extend the invitation to other schools through their PTSA/PTSO.
Have any employers you have connections with extend the invitation through their companies.

Your rebate is paid for your hosting and promoting your event and is based on your performance, that-being, whatever percentage of the required 10 communications you send out. If you send out 10 or more, you are entitled to the full rebate. 9 entitles you to 90%, 8 to 80% and so on. Be sure to copy on every e-mail you send out to receive the correct credit.


Catchy Headlines:
Here are some different, catchy headlines you can pick from to include in your weekly mailings and use on your website and in your newsletters. A different headline each week will attract the attention of new readers. The headlines can be linked to your schools flyer or can be followed by text describing the Workshops and inviting parents to attend at your school (Ad copy text coming soon...check back often.)

Spend less than ½ day with your teen behind the wheel and reduce their likelihood of crashing by more than 75%.
An 8 hour program that may save your teens life.
Learn how to drastically increase the likelihood of your teen surviving a potentially-fatal crash.
Car crashes are the number one killer of teens.
If you lose a child, your family will never be the same.
25% of teens will crash a car before they’re 17, 50% before they’re 20.
Teen driving fatalities up 11% nationwide.
Landed a plane in the Hudson River lately? Learn how escaping potentially-fatal situation can be learned in less than ½ day.
The following link is a county-by-county media contacts (Excel File). If you would like us to review a press release please feel free to send it to us. Media outlets are more receptive to school organizations than they are to us as a company. Remember to spread it to all locations around you as some school don't host or can't host the Workshops so you could still draw those students.

Click here to download media contacts.
  Ad Copy:
This link is a file of a variety of different verbiage that can be used for your newsletters. Another big item to add to your newsletter is personal testimonials from parents who have previously taken the Workshops at your school. We can provide a list of parents/students from your school who have taken the Workshops.

Click Here for Ad Copys.
The below files are logos and other graphics that can be downloaded for use on your website or in your newsletters. If you need a different format please let us know. Open file choice. JPEG and PNG open file and right click on logo to Save File As..., EPS open file and Save.

Accident Avoidance Workshops Logo For Light Backgrounds:
Logo Small (1.5in X .175in): JPEG  PNG  EPS
Logo Medium (4.5in X .53in): JPEG  PNG  EPS
Logo Large (8in x .94in): JPEG  PNG  EPS

Accident Avoidance Workshops Logo for Dark Backgrounds:
Logo Small (1.5in X .175in): JPEG  PNG  EPS
Logo Medium (4.5in X .53in): JPEG  PNG  EPS
Logo Large (8in x .94in): JPEG  PNG  EPS
Below are photos that can be downloaded and used for use with permission of the Accident Avoidance Workshops.
Click on thumbnail image to get larger image, then right click on image and Save File As... or Save Target As...

  You can add these links into your newsletter with supporting text.

Kelly Cass Weather Channel Video 1: Copy and paste this

Kelly Cass Weather Channel Video 2: Copy and paste this
  Hot Tips:


Remember the Workshops are not limited to students at your school. Spread the word through any business, church, homeschool, HOA, etc. As long as they come to the Workshops at your school you still get credit.

Get with other PTA's or PTO's from other area high schools and have them spread the word. A lot of schools can't host the Workshops due to parking lot size. So it is a great way for them to keep their students safe. We will also give them $10 a person for every student that comes from the school. All they have to do is send us their address and how they would like the check made out.

It is important to send out the flyer not only through your distribution list, but also having the school administration send out the flyer. As you are aware, not everyone joins the parent organizations. The school will have an even larger database of parents at the school.